How to do foresight?

No really, how, in today’s world? This is the question I am faced with over and over again when reading news about Brexit, Erdogan, Trump, etc. While they are attention-grabbing phenomena in their own right, what interests me more is the bigger picture behind them. There is an undercurrent of major transitions sweeping through western […]

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Can i has fuuuturez knowledge

I came across this excellent cartoon by Tom Gauld about presenting research findings and decided to try one of them: making internet memes involving cats. So here is my doctoral dissertation “Knowledge creation in foresight – a systems- and practice-oriented view” using cat memes.

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Renewing regional foresight

Last week I participated to a seminar on regional foresight at Tampere. During the seminar my view that Finland has a great foresight tradition was enhanced. However, at the same time there seemed to be a concern of being stuck regarding the impact of foresight, applying futures knowledge and supporting decision making. Here are three key take-away […]

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Knowledge creation in foresight

This post is based on the Lectio Praecursoria I gave at the public examination of my dissertation 22.1.2016. People have been fascinated about future since the dawn of civilisation. In a hope to know what will happen, people have turned to different fortune tellers or oracles, who have claimed to know the future, but have […]

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Systems intelligent foresight

In December 2014, Torsten Slok from Deutsche Bank posted a graph showing how Wall Street economists had been consistently wrong in their forecasts about the 10-year interest rate. While the forecasts shown in the graph may be extreme examples of linear thinking about the futures, many forecasts fall in the same trap of extrapolating or […]

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Three little piggies of foresight

Once upon a time there were three little piggies of foresight. They jumped around carefree in the present operational environment and all decided to create some futures knowledge. The first pig was a pop futurist and made bold predictions made in shining glass that veiled his assumptions. He promoted them all around the business ecosystems […]

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