Let’s get ridiculous

“Every useful idea about the future should appear to be ridiculous.” That is the second ”Dator’s Law of the Future”, aimed to guide futurists in their work of exploring alternative futures. There is also a caveat: not all ridiculous ideas turn out to be useful. Nonetheless, the message behind this slogan is that the added […]

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Three little piggies of foresight

Once upon a time there were three little piggies of foresight. They jumped around carefree in the present operational environment and all decided to create some futures knowledge. The first pig was a pop futurist and made bold predictions made in shining glass that veiled his assumptions. He promoted them all around the business ecosystems […]

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Foresight with Sisu

Climate change, inequality, poverty, financial crisis… The future does not seem too happy or unproblematic. Fred Polak argued in his seminal book “the image of the future” that societies rise and fall with their perceptions of the future. He was concerned already in the seventies that Europe is lacking a compelling image of the future […]

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