Singing the future

If teaching foresight and futures thinking would be done through a musical, which songs would it include? What songs are there that either describe an image of a future or illustrate some key thought in futures thinking? Here’s my suggestion. In the year 2525, if man is still alive For an opening song and an […]

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Three options for platform economy

I have been reading the new book by Douglas Rushkoff, which got me thinking about alternative views as to where platform thinking might lead us. The discussion revolves largely around where the next disruption will be or which will be the winning platforms. But perhaps there are other options to think about. Here I list […]

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The horizon scanning zoo

What better place to go and see the future than the horizon scanning zoo! Here you can see all the magnificent beasts, which tell their story of the futures. Just follow this field guide and enjoy the (fore)sights! Black swans Near the entrance, in the most popular spot, are the black swans, swimming unexpectedly in […]

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Renewing regional foresight

Last week I participated to a seminar on regional foresight at Tampere. During the seminar my view that Finland has a great foresight tradition was enhanced. However, at the same time there seemed to be a concern of being stuck regarding the impact of foresight, applying futures knowledge and supporting decision making. Here are three key take-away […]

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Knowledge creation in foresight

This post is based on the Lectio Praecursoria I gave at the public examination of my dissertation 22.1.2016. People have been fascinated about future since the dawn of civilisation. In a hope to know what will happen, people have turned to different fortune tellers or oracles, who have claimed to know the future, but have […]

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Systems intelligent foresight

In December 2014, Torsten Slok from Deutsche Bank posted a graph showing how Wall Street economists had been consistently wrong in their forecasts about the 10-year interest rate. While the forecasts shown in the graph may be extreme examples of linear thinking about the futures, many forecasts fall in the same trap of extrapolating or […]

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