Foresight for the distracted

When thinking about futures, the power of nostalgia and distraction should not be underestimated. We are living in a post-factual society, where mastering the art of distraction and appealing to nostalgia is a key advantage. Lying is no problem, as long as you follow one outrageous claim with another, more outrageous one, and back it […]

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How to do foresight?

No really, how, in today’s world? This is the question I am faced with over and over again when reading news about Brexit, Erdogan, Trump, etc. While they are attention-grabbing phenomena in their own right, what interests me more is the bigger picture behind them. There is an undercurrent of major transitions sweeping through western […]

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Making sense of platform economy

There is a lot of hype and discussion around platform economy, platform ecosystems and platform thinking, and for good reason. Platform thinking is challenging the current operational environment of companies by providing a new logic of value creation and necessitating new business models. However, since the discussion around platforms is fairly recent and the impacts of […]

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Cowardice of foresight

In a seminar about regional foresight a a few months ago there was a call to break away from a “foresight bubble”. This meant being more aware of the implicit assumptions we foresight experts tend to make, which may not be that clear to others. The latest hype is old news in foresight community, which always tries to […]

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